An Entirely New Way to Whiten in Just 5 Minutes November 17 2014

 Dr David Schwartz is proud to offer the new revolutionary technique, Phillips Zoom QuickPro Whitening,  in his Great Neck, Long Island office.  QuickPro whitening varnish takes 5 minutes to apply and whitens teeth up to four shades.  Since QuickPro is applied by Dr Schwartz, and sealed directly onto a patients teeth, the results are consistent, with no sensitivity, all in 5 minutes.  


Patients can simply come for their cleaning appointment, add on a 5 minute QuickPro whitening and then leave the office and go about their day.  Dr Schwartz and his staff see a tremendous opportunity to help their patients get a noticeably whiter smile in minimal time.  


QuickPro is a great kick start to the other whitening techniques Dr. Schwartz  offers in his Great Neck  office.  Patients can have Zoom Whitening in office, which takes an hour, while the patient relaxes and watches their favorite TV show.  Zoom in office can whiten teeth up to 9 shades.  Dr Schwartz also offers Phillip Zoom take home treatment for accelerated results. Take home whitening kits and trays provide a whiter, healthier smile In as little as three days.  For the most difficult whitening cases, Dr Schwartz offers Kor Bleaching for his patients 


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