Our Services

Early Detection and Treatment

The most valuable service we can provide is a thorough and complete examination. Virtually all dental problems - decay, gum disease, loose teeth, and oral cancer - are easily detected in their early stages and can be treated economically and comfortably at that time. Your first visit will consist of the dental exam and then we will discuss our treatment plan with you. Together we will decide on the services you wish us to provide and review costs and insurance coverage.

Making Our Patients Our First Priority

Air Abrasion (or “drill-less” dentistry) 
This technique uses a concentrated stream of air and super fine powder to remove decay. No more Novocain™. No more needles.

Latest Drill Technology 
A silent drill causes less patient anxiety when in use. Its vibration reduction helps to reduce patient discomfort.

Soft Tissue Lasers 
For painless gum treatment.

Surgery-Free Gum Therapy 
Atridox™, is a gel placed between gum and tooth that releases antibiotic. It’s painless!

Intra oral camera
An amazing microscope camera that finds problem areas quickly with less probing and displays a clearer image on screen for evaluation

Paper-thin Veneers
A porcelain makeover for the perfect smile, which virtually eliminates removal of existing enamel

Tooth-colored fillings using the newest plasma arc light, with curing time of less than three seconds, and resulting in the strongest and longest lasting fillings possible

Revolutionary Whitening Techniques

  • Zoom QuickPro Whitening Varnish takes 5 minutes after a cleaning in office
  • Zoom take home whitening system
  • Zoom in office whitening takes just one hour and gets teeth up to nine shades whiter
  • Kor Bleaching teeth whitening for the most difficult cases.